Why should you give? With your gift, we can continue to make Cocalico a stronger community!

What are we asking for? $325,000 to meet our budget by the end of the year!

After such as successful campaign in 2023, the Thanks4Giving year end campaign will be October 20 through December 31 this year. Help us meet our $325,000 goal by prayerfully considering a generous year end donation.  Your gift could be the difference between a single mother being able to get to work, feed her children, bathe them in warm water and pay her rent on time. We cyclically do not receive donations from April through August, so we strive to raise at least half of our annual budget during the fall year end season.  Your gift will be stewarded to the best of our ability to meet the needs of those struggling in the Cocalico School District. Please consider helping us to meet this goal. With your help, we can continue to connect the Cocalico School District to Hope, and you and I know who “Hope” is.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Project Christmas Presents Community Events Volunteer Youth Development  Back to School Backpacks

Early Learning Mentor Program

in partnership with CAP and CSD

$1,000 pays for a Christmas Party with Santa for 100 attendees $500 sponsors a community event Sign up now to volunteer at REAL Life Community Services $250 pays for curriculum for a year in our Momentum Program $50 covers a stuffed backpack for a Cocalico School Student $25 covers the cost of supplies to mentor a mom and her toddler for a semester