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We are taking the mission of Aevidum & Momentum to the nations!

Many nations are struggling with the high suicide rates in teens and young adults.  The reasons are many, but we have a responsibility to take Christ to the nations to help ease the pain and suffering of Mental Illness.

Guyana South America is one of those countries that is hurting.  They have the highest suicide rate in the world.  The method of choice to end their life is ingesting a pesticide that can take up to 21 days reach it’s full effect.  It causes serious damage to the mouth, throat, and digestive system.  If enough is used it will cause death.

With the Aevidum message to the schools and Momentum message to the church, we believe we can reach a lot of hurting young people and rescue them from this evil stronghold.1888649_10151912772611641_1759512896_n

We are also partnering with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Caribbean to be a central location stay for all our mission trips.  We feel we can focus more on outreach knowing we don’t have to look for a place to stay will serving.  They also have connections already made with the local schools and churches.

With the connections in the Caribbean we feel we need to focus on this region.  With countries like Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, etc we definitely have our work cut out for us for a while.  Keep in touch to see where our adventures take us next.

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March 2015 Mission Trip to Guyana was a HUGE SUCCESS!!




We are now going back to Guyana in March of 2016 to continue what we started!  Please pray for us to be used by God to affect His purposes in that country!  Guyana has the highest suicide rate in the world!  No hope, no future, and no Christ provides for a very negative outlook on life, but we can change all that!!  Join us in our quest to take the Gospel to the nation of Guyana and help that country kick the eliminate thoughts of depression and suicide!

2016 Guyana Team Photo

This is it!!  These six young people led by Rod Redcay are heading to Guyana from March 5-12, 2016!  If you have any interest in supporting their efforts, click on the “Giving” button at the top of the page!  Otherwise, please pray for our health and safety while gone!