God desires to use every person for His purpose.  He has a plan for every single individual, and every plan ends in the same way: God gets the glory!  God is working, even now, to help you step out and accept the call He has in your life.

Momentum, is a group of teenagers who desire to bring attention and awareness to issues that lead to depression.  They have a mission, called by God, to encourage, equip and empower other teens to make a difference in the lives of those around them.  This guide will help you with whatever God-given passion He has given you.

God has taught us many things on our journey of starting this club; things that will also help you as you pursue the idea(s) He has given you.  Pray for God to give you an open heart and an open mind as you read this.  He can and will freely show awesome desires and will guide you step by step.  Our prayer is that this guide may be used as a tool to help you go after whatever He has for you.


Keep on Going

This action that you started will be followed by many more great things.  Although these things you are doing for God are exciting and wonderful, you will hit bumps in the road.  Things will not always go as planned.  People will not always accept you, and you may not always have everything you “think” you need.  At times, you may feel like you’re standing alone.  Never forget that when the Lord called you to this ministry, He saw every part of it.  God knew everything you would go through, every trial that would come your way and eve ry heartache you would encounter.  Even in the midst of all that, He still called you to go after the idea(s) He gave you.

A question might be if God knew all the trials you might face, why would He put you through all that?  God uses the problems and trials for your good!  He didn’t just see the problems, but God saw who you would be transformed into by going through all the trials and testing.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”  (James 1:2-4)

God has planned out a course for you and your ministry.  It may not be perfectly smooth, but it is planned just perfectly for you.  He is not only using your life and ministry to touch others but also to turn you into the person He has called you to be.  Don’t get distracted by the problems you see around you, but keep your focus on God and trust Him.  “For we walk by faith and not by sight.”  (2 Corinthians 5:7).  “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”  (Hebrews 11:1).  You can’t get to the greatness of what God has for you if you’re not willing to trust and follow Him, even when it looks like He is going the wrong way.  Keep the Lord as number one in your ministry, and give every decision over to Him.  “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”  (Proverbs 16:3).

Success isn’t based on what you do, but who you are for God.  Keep on going and don’t stop until you have done all God has planned for you.  Give God your best and leave the results up to Him!


Inch by Inch It’s a Cinch

You have this book because you are interested in starting a Momentum in your school!  Well, this is an admirable task, but please heed our advice that it may not be easy.  If you keep to the following steps, one at a time, you will be successful.


Step #1  Build a support network

If you have read this booklet up to this point, we must assume that you are a Christian and attend a church in your community.  The first place of support to further this endeavor is your parents.  Mom and dad may not always be the smartest or coolest people around, and I’m sure they embarrass you at times; however, they are your parents and they have a lot of experience and knowledge of who to ask for help.

Second, you should also (maybe with your parents’ help) talk with your church pastor or youth leader to get this movement started.  You will need a non-profit organization to help further your vision because they will be the funding source for any projects you will want to do.  Now, most of the time the church will not say, “Wow, you are an amazing person and this vision is quite exciting.  Here’s $1,000 to get started.”  Unfortunately, most churches have budgets already made out for the year and do not have your program put in their budget.  But, what you can do is get your church (or youth group) to help you with a fundraiser to raise money for your projects.  This may not be needed right away, so, let’s take one step at a time.

Another reason to get your church involved is because Momentum is reaching out to the church community to address these difficult issues.  Don’t leave your own church out of the loop.  Let them embrace your plan, and watch what happens when they catch the vision.

Finally, the church can be a spring-board to reach out to other churches in your community.  You will find that other students in your school

attend other churches in your community so it will not take long if you work together getting other churches to catch the vision as well.  We would also love to speak to your church in order to explain what we’ve been able to accomplish at our school and community.  We think it will inspire others to really work hard at making a difference in the lives of teenagers.  Your church can contact us to come and give them advice.


Step #2  Talk to your friends

Once you have your parents and church on board to help you (again this will not be hard), you will want to start talking to your friends.  You should get a core group of 5 or 6 together and explain what you’re trying to do and get them excited.  There is nothing like coming together for a common cause or purpose.  You will find that this is not hard either.  Let them know there are other schools doing this and it’s exciting to share the love of Christ and His light to a darkened world.  Our goal is to help your peers get through the difficult issues they’re going through.


Step #3  The tough talk

This might be the toughest talk of all.  Now, don’t be scared, the school administration wants the same results you are looking for.  They are just worried about the religious part.  Reassure them that you are concerned about helping those who are hurting.

The reason you need to go to the administration is to let them know you are on the up-and-up.  Once you start sharing your issues with the student body, you want them to know who you are and what you’re doing.  This should not be hard and if you get any resistance, that means you might have stated too much about this being a “Christian” club.  Again, words mean things, so we don’t want your passion and enthusiasm/confidence to overwhelm and make them believe you’re doing something different than you are.

You see, Momentum is to the church what Aevidum is to the school! The goal is the same as Aevidum’s and that is why you are meeting as a part of Aevidum.  You are a “faith-based leg” to the Aevidum Club; you will meet at the same time Aevidum meets; you will generally meet together in your own little sub-group during that club time, unless the Aevidum group needs the entire group’s attention.  You can and will be involved in whatever the Aevidum group as a whole is doing, but you have your own little agenda as well.

You may be required to have a teacher in charge of your group.  This may not be necessary if your Aevidum teacher is ok with overseeing you.  Having your own Christian teacher over you will be an asset in the long run.  They can help speak to the administration on your behalf and be that buffer between you and them. Also they can be the accountability you need (to make sure you’re not going off the “deep end” with some of your ideas).  It may be a good idea to have this teacher in mind and even talk with a known Christian teacher ahead of time so you can have their name available if they ask for it.  Please contact us if the administrators are asking for any references.  We’d be glad to provide a couple names to contact.


Step #4  Start Meeting

It’s important to form a strong team with a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (if needed) when you get started.  This assures that those who are in charge know they are in charge and can be ready to keep things moving as they proceed with developing the program.   You can meet with the Aevidum Club during club days.  However, this doesn’t give you much time, and you may want to think of another time to meet.  Our group meets with the teacher every Monday morning before school.  Yes, Monday morning.  It’s not the best, mind you, but it’s the only day of the week it suits the teacher, and we’d have nowhere else to meet together in school (outside club day).  You may also think about getting together outside of school once a month at someone’s house or coffee shop in the area to keep things moving as well.  This is especially important to build solid relationships among the group.


Step #5  Social Media is my friend

Okay, Face Book and Twitter have become so popular in our culture it causes many to wonder what we did before without them.  We must admit, at the time we’re writing this, we do not have a twitter account but will be working on that soon.  We do, however, have an Aevidum/Momentum FB Page, and we’d love for you to join!  We also started a Momentum Group for those students in our area to stay connected.  We encourage you to start a Momentum Group for your area as well.  Make sure you mark it “Closed”, and only allow the administrator to grant others permission to join.  This way you can keep track of who is in and out and not get unwanted visitors coming into your chats.


Step #6  One Issue at a time

In the beginning, please try to only work on only one issue at a time.  Once you have ten or more students meeting regularly, you can start breaking up responsibilities into several groups.  We have the seven issues you’ve read about already, or maybe you have one of your own.  We have found that these seven hit the majority of Christian students.


Step #7  Time for Church!

Once you have a solid group of eight or more students committed to meeting every week and you’ve tackled two or three issues at school, it’s time to hit the churches in your area.  Again, Momentum is to the church what Aevidum is to the school!  We need to be a positive light to our community by encouraging and equipping the church to address these issues teens are struggling with head on.  By doing so, the church will become more relevant to youth culture and teens will start seeing the church as an alternative to helping them through their tough times in life! We would be more than happy to help you with this.  Just contact us via email and we’ll visit the churches with you to get you started.  Please feel free to contact Executive Director, Rod Redcay, rod@realym.org.



The Goal and Area of Influence

If the Lord has placed an idea in your heart, don’t back down from it.  God has given you this challenge for a reason, whether you seem like the right person or not.  God always knows what He is doing.  If you are having a hard time knowing whether this is your idea or God’s, or if you don’t have an idea, pray about it.  Get alone and be still in God’s presence.  Ask Him to answer your question and then praise Him for doing so, in faith; meaning praise Him before you hear the answer.  God gives us ideas that we ourselves would have never thought of on our own!  Don’t push away any idea that God has for you.  His plan is not based on your strengths, but on His strengths.  God doesn’t call us to be perfect at whatever it is; He just calls us to be willing.  God didn’t choose Moses because he was great at speaking.  He chose Moses because he was willing to be used (Exodus 4).  God didn’t choose Gideon because he was a fearless warrior.  Gideon was very fearful, but willing to step out and trust God, even when his army of a few hundred men was face to face with an army of thousands (Judges 6 &7).  Although you may feel inadequate for this job, trust God and don’t be afraid.  God uses those who are willing.


People to help

Once you have an idea, the next step is finding people to help you.  Think of some people who are most capable of helping you with what you need.  Find out the different abilities that are needed to bring this idea into being.  Then, think of people you know that hold those abilities and can help you.  Try to surround yourself with people that have the same mission as you do.  A group that is split on different issues will not be able to work together for a common goal.  Ask God to show you people that will be most helpful and effective in your group.

Think of any people that you would need to approach in order to start this idea.  Many times you may need to ask for permission before you start acting on your idea.  For example, if your goal is to do something within your school, you may need to talk to the principal or one of the

teachers.  Perhaps you will need to find a trustworthy adult to help in a way that teenagers are unable.  The Lord will provide the authority to do whatever needs to be done.

Also, go to people who have experience in what you are doing and ask them for advice.  Find some individuals that are willing to encourage and faithfully pray for you as you pursue the vision that God has given you.  Having people to lift you up will help you to keep moving on through rough spots along the way.

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”  (Matthew 18:19-20)
Before starting into action, establish who you are reaching out to and why; otherwise you may lose focus.  According to the idea that God has given you, what is the big picture you would like to accomplish?  Remember nothing is ever too big for God to handle.  Make sure everyone involved understands the goal you are aiming for so that each person is able to help in a way that pushes you toward this goal and not away from it.


Once you know the goal, think of the type of people you need to interact with to make that goal happen.  Which people are you trying to minister to?  For example:  if your goal is to witness to people in your school; you need to interact with those who are not Christians.  Know who you want to minister to so that you can pray for them more specifically; according to the needs of this particular group.  Ask God not only to touch them, but also to give you and others opportunities to reach out to this area of influence.  God has laid them on your heart for a reason.  God used Moses to lead the Israelites with the goal of getting to the promise land.  He is calling you to take your area of influence to the goal that He has given you.



The Needs

After finding your goal and the area of influence you are ministering to, it is good to think of some needs that are present within that area.  As the group Momentum, we chose two areas of influence: the school and the church.  The goal of our group is to encourage, equip and empower other teens to step out and make a difference in their school or church.  So, to begin, we highlighted seven issues that we thought teens in our community were presently dealing with.


Ask God to show you the needs He wants you to focus on within your area of influence.  Highlighting several present issues can help you come up with ideas of different ways to achieve your goal.  It can also help you show others what your area of influence is dealing with, so they know what to pray for.

It is also good to do some research on these issues to find out how you can effectively help your area of influence.


Taking Action

All these steps have led up to this: taking action.  This is the point where you take your help, knowledge and supplies out on the journey toward the goal that God has given you.  Don’t let fear stop you; let God show His strength even through your weakness.  The action you do may not be very big, but it will help you move on to greater things ahead.  Don’t focus on what you did wrong or didn’t like, but learn how you can make it better.  If you think your ready to get started click the button below and email us your contact information and we’ll get stared!



I'm Ready