100_1363Rod Reday has over 20 years experience speaking with youth, churches, and gatherings of all sizes.  Rod’s experience and passion for youth has led him to focus on encouraging and equipping the church to be more relevant to today’s youth culture.  Rod’s vibrant energy engages the audience and keeps them interested the entire time.  He can speak from 10 minutes to an hour on subjects that range from numerous youth issues (specific or general) to relevant Biblical doctrine.

Rod has extensive Biblical studies with deep insights into life struggles and moral values.

Rod’s words are challenging but not condemning that inspires many to want to make a difference.  Using multi-media, Power Point, YouTube, other social media, and the latest technology, Rod creates an environment of positive energy and inspiration that will leave congregations wanting more.


If you would like Rod to come and speak to your group or congregation, he accepts a modest honorarium.  Please click here to receive more information.


Youth Group

Dudes at 30HF 2012Rod has been both a volunteer Youth Director and a paid Youth Pastor for almost 20 years.  In that time he has seen many young people come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Both through the church and youth outreaches.  It is from his own experience as an at-risk youth that Rod pulls his passionate stories of God’s grace and hearing His voice from those experiences.


If you want to address self-identity, bullying, broken families, purpose, or hearing God, Rod’s your man.  He will not disappoint you.  He knows that in order to speak into the lives of our youth, we need to be relevant, passionate, funny, and a little weird.


Church Service

Rod has spoken to many different congregations over the 20+ years in ministry.  “I love to share my stories and experiences with others”, Rod says, “I believe many congregations want a reason to do something.  I give them that reason”.  Rod really works hard to connect with people and help them find their purpose in Christ.


Small Group

Rod w HS Girls_edited-1
Rod can connect with people in small groups just as easily in large ones.  If you have a small group that wants to be inspired to hear God’s voice or to challenge them to share their faith with others.  His teaching methods are interactive and encourage participation and pulls thoughts and ideas out from the group.  With a small donation, he would be glad to visit your small group and talk on a variety of youth or current issues affecting the church.