Social Services Declaration House

In October of 2016, in cooperation with Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership, REAL Life Community Services purchased the building formerly known as the “Denver House”.  Our vision was to renovate the building in order to provide affordable apartments and offer a community service “Hub”.

This could not have been done without the tenacious work of LHOP’s CEO, Ray D’Agostino, and his team! From October through December of 2016, over 200 volunteers worked for over 2000 hours to gut the building. This was to get it ready for engineers to decide the best plan of attack in turning a nineteenth-century hotel into a twenty-first-century apartment building and health center. Over 27 dumpsters of debris were taken to the county dump and many thousands of pounds of metal were recycled from the old pipes, radiators and other metal parts of the building.

Our offices are now located inside the Declaration House building. As well as 10 affordable apartments, a discount grocery store, and affordable healthcare! To stay up to date with what were doing, follow our page on facebook!

Denver Community Health Center: 717-947-3410

Willow Creek Grocery: 717-335-1665

Declaration House Apartments (Focus Realty): 717-256-3336