Youth Development

Youth Center, mentoring, campus ministry, empowerment programs.

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Family Services

Providing a social worker to help families navigate life.

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Get Involved

There are many volunteer opportunities to serve our communitiy.

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Teens today are making tough choices who will be there to help them make the right ones?

Relational Evangelism Affecting Lives

There are a large number of youth within the Northern Lancaster County community that are from broken homes and in desperate need of “Jesus with skin on”. R.E.A.L. Youth Ministry was formed from this need and is dedicated to working with local Cocalico area churches, schools, community leaders, parents, and businesses partnering together to make a difference in these young peoples lives.  Later, in 2015, we changed our name to REAL Life Community Services to better represent what we do in the community.

REAL Life Community Services challenges you to GET INVOLVED! Join our team volunteering with food distribution, youth center assistance, or wherever your specific talents fit into our current needs.  Click “Contact Us” to begin making a difference in our community.

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Special thanks to Cocalico Plumbing & Heating for letting us use their equipment and services to help families in need.